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12 Gallon (48 Quart) Direct Steam Tilting Kettle on Stainless Steel Utility Pouring Base Stand.
Hussman grab and go 115V unit works excellent. ????? Call Rich at 626-622-6115. Thank you
WHOLESALE EQUIPMENT RESOURCE, LLC. is pleased and proud to offer the: GROEN TDH-40 Stainless Steel Self Contained 40 Quart Trunnion Steam Kettle with stainless steel cover on heavy duty stainless ste...
Two L&B Products Brass Base Bar Stools with coral colored upholstered seats. Over all height = 29". Seat diameter at top = 14". Seat diameter at base of seat = 10". Brass base diameter a...
WHOLESALE EQUIPMENT RESOURCE, LLC. PRESENTS THE WORLD FAMOUS: MARKET FORGE 1300 Ultra Skillet 40 Gallon Gas Tilting Skillet! The most efficient high volume production piece of equipment a Foods...

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